Great Festival, great location and outstanding organization! Deeply honored for having been selected! Highly recommended!

Allen Dobrolovsky, Murder on The Reef

Thank you to all the incredible Awareness Festival Team for the great honor to receive the Most Uplifting Film of 2018 for Baca the River at LA LIVE the Regal Cinema. Your care, prompt communication and great effort to acquire the best cinema made your festival great.

RJ Gordon, Baca the River

Thank you to the Awareness Film Festival for selecting our film to be among the many important films we saw over the course of the festival. Thank you highlighting these social justice issues through your festival, but also bringing in marketing and distribution experts to help filmmakers get these stories to a broader audience. Well done and thank you for caring about this work.

Thomas Nazario

The festival were very clear with their communication in the lead up to the festival, and answered any questions I had quickly and efficiently. The screening quality was very good and the curated Q&A afterwards was informed and well run. I had work clashes with the initial dates that were set for my screening, but the festival were very understanding and moved my screening date to accommodate.

Neil Jackson

I had an amazing experience at The Awareness Film Festival! I had my West Coast Premiere here and I can’t imagine having had it anywhere else… From the moment I checked in, I was greeted warmly and made to feel welcome. The festival is run by a very passionate filmmaker herself and it is facilitated by volunteers who are very responsive and engaging. Last but not least is the venue! Having the privilege of showing one’s film at LA Live is a dream come true for many filmmakers. The visual and audio presentation is phenomenal. Kudos the the AFF for securing such an amazing venue.

John Gomez, When I Stutter

Absolutely love Awareness Film Festival & all this festival stands for. Massive thank you to the team for their support of our film & for the recognition our film received. Truly excellent in every way- highly recommend!

Annette Westwood

This fest has loads of heart and a mission dedicated to thoughtful programming. They also have a first rate theatre with great sound and picture located in Downtown Los Angeles which is central, easy to get to, with great parking. All the fest staff were warm and friendly. Met some wonderful fellow filmmakers.

MaryLou Bell

The festival organizers really selected some thought-provoking films. You can tell that they truly cared about the subject matter about everything that they programmed and there was a lot of heart in this festival. This is a special festival in that the filmmakers and organizers are really trying to make a positive difference in the world. I was honored to be a part of it.

Michelle Ortega

The Awareness festival was a great one to be a part of! The films were beautiful and heartfelt and were all of exceptional quality. We are thankful to have been a part of the festival.

Marri Savinar

This festival has heart, both in the content of its programming and with its staff and volunteers. The festival was wonderful at communicating everything I needed as an attending filmmaker and were warm and supportive at the event itself. The films all looked and sounded AMAZING in that theater. The production quality of the programs varied from amateur to professional but each film had a powerful message to convey. I saw a lot of great and inspiring films while there – just wish the audiences were bigger. Overall, a lovely festival.

Cat Parke

This is a life changing gathering. I cannot day enough about the caring people who ran it and the inspiring attendees!

Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

Thank you for a wonderful film festival of varied, compelling films. Great staff, super organized, amazing volunteers, and Skye, the festival Director, was so very much on point the whole time! My feature film THE GOLDEN AGE Won the Audience Award too — so WOO HOO! Great festival and super grateful to be a part of it!

Justin Connor, The Golden Age