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October 12, 2019 @ 1:00 PM 3:00 PM

On a beautiful Karoo-morning, John, an environmentalist and farmer, along with his wife, Claire, and their young daughter Lily are disrupted by a fleet of hydraulic fracturing trucks entering their land. One of these drivers, Errol, has a son Nati, who works on John’s farm. Both Nati and John are stunned at the surprise of his father now working for the frackers. A corporate lobbyist approaches John at his farm house. He is accompanied by his sons, Andrew and Ben. Ben, bullied by his brother instantly grabs Lily’s attention. John wants nothing to do with them and insists they get off the farm however the corporation the lobbyist works for has legally procured the rights to John’s land. John loses his temper with the lobbyist which scares Lily. John insists he’s just trying to provide for his family. Errol and the lobbyist proceed onto the land to set up a fracking pad. John storms off to the house and seems inconsolable. Nati helps Lily get cleaned up and lectures her about wasting water, however she seems more concerned about the lobbyist not doing what her father wants. John desperately gathers all the environmental information he has on hydraulic fracturing and alternative clean energy. He is rushing off to the local municipality leader Jacozma, to have his voice heard one last time. Lily wants to tag along. While John is hesitant to allow her to accompany him, her insistent nature gets the better of him. Jacozma has already been won over by the lobbyist who appears to be bribing him with a fancy car. John still attempts to educate and warn Jacozma however Jacozma grows tired of John’s argument and has security escort him and Lily out. That evening, Lily eavesdrops as her parents argue. Claire warns John of the consequences of his intended actions but John is desperate. John takes off in his bakkie without noticing that Lily has snuck into the back. John arrives at the recently erected fracking site and intends to sabotage the entire facility with explosives. John pours out the toxic chemicals and sets the bomb to explode. In his escape, John is shock to hear Lily choking on the fumes behind him. Lily is caught in the explosion and thrust into the future. Lily awakes. She is no longer in her space and time. Looking around, she is at a school in a dystopian future where the clean water supplies have run life-threateningly low. Learning to clean the last water supplies on earth is what this school teaches. People are desperate, dehydrated and starving. Lily spots a familiar face – Ben, the lobbyist’s son. Ben is frail and as such easily bullied by Andrew. Lily stands up for Ben, but this just infuriates Andrew more. His violent advance is stopped by a teacher stepping in. Ben escorts Lily to class where Lily notices Nati, now dehydrated and decaying just like everyone else. Nati is transfixed on the farm tap now a shrine behind a glass window. Lily is still in disbelief about her situation, Ben explains to her that this is how the world is. During class, Lily questions everything the teacher says until eventually she drives him to reveal the disastrous truth behind the state of the world – The water is gone and we humans are to blame. During “hydration time,” the kids receive small rations of food and water to survive the day. Andrew the bully attempts to take Lily’s water portion and in so doing, it smashes to the ground. Andrew tries to drink the spilled water but cuts his mouth on the broken glass. Lily is removed by guards. There is no water to wash hair, so like everyone else, Lily has to have her hair shaved off. It’s raining acid rain outside, and Lily notices that Andrew has broken through the protective dome to go out to drink it in a desperate attempt to hydrate himself – a fatal mistake. The world around Lily turns into a nightmare of familiar faces and horrific consequences of prolonged water shortage. Lily wakes up screaming from this nightmare. She is back at home in the Karoo. John and Claire rush in to her room to see if she’s okay, but find a desperate Lily running down the front road toward the advancing fracking trucks. Lily stand in front of the approaching trucks, bringing them to a halt. The corporate lobbyist tries to move her out of the way, but John hits him to the ground as soon as he touches her. The lobbyist is rattled and threatens John and his family. Claire and Nati arrive. Errol sees he’s made a terrible choice to move from the farm to the frackers and drops the truck keys to the truck in front of the Lobbyist. The rest of the farm hands and community arrive to stand together with Lily and her family against the lobbyist. Even the lobbyist’s son Ben joins them to stand against his father and Fracking. The community comes together and there is new sense of hope in the fight against fracking. Together they will kill the fracking monster.


October 12
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
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Heal One World

The Regal at LA LIVE

1000 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015 United States
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