2018 Audience Awards:
Narrative Feature: The Spy Who Knew Me
Documentary Feature: Conscious Light
Narrative Short: Two Sides
Documentary Short: We Are Strong
Student Film: Boys in the Boat
Youth Film: Inner Thoughts
Music Video: Go!

2018 Grand Jury Awards
Narrative Feature: Shooting In Vain
Documentary Feature: The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo
Narrative Short: I’m Just Here
Documentary Short: An Undeniable Voice
Student : Evidence
Music Video Grand Jury: Beyond the Border

2018 Script Award Winners:
1st Place: Perry
2nd Place: Sensory
3rd Place: Flying Bird’s Diary

Special Jury Awards:
Impact Award: Skid Row Marathon
Cinematography: Madagaskira
Consciousness Award: Joel S. Goldsmith: The Man and his Message
Emerging Filmmaker Award: Libby Spears; Living Music
Best Virtual Reality: The Being VR
Innovation Award: Hush Little Baby
Uplifting Award: Baca: the River
Animation Award: The Laws of the Universe: Part 1
Courage Award: Becoming Free
Karma Award: We Are One
Best Director: Emmanuel Itier We The People
Activist Award: Ashley Bell, Love & Bananas